It's Like This

Changing Hemispheres (11)

Part Four of Moving Over and In

Lizards, Spring and a hectic Summer

I last left you as Spring began to shake its leaves, my heater appeared to be working and expectation was generally in the air.


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Changing Hemispheres (10)

Part three of Moving Over and In

From winter and endless bureaucracies … into spring

When last I wrote, I had just been welcomed to glorious if tiny C at its Repas des Ainées. Eating, drinking and cabaret - that's the way to happily enter into old age. Take note.


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Changing Hemispheres (9)

Part two of Moving over and in

Home! In which one has a social life...

Centimetre by centimetre, things begin to move. In my case, by foot, so far. And sometimes by bus. And for a while in a pre-90s blank. 

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Changing Hemispheres (8)

Part one: moving over and in

From Paris to home, January 2015

Unbeknownst to me, of course, the train station wasnt far from my modest hotel, in Montmartre. This meant, of course, that I parted with another of my limbs in payment for a taxi, fetched for me by a touter who no doubt spends his holidays in the Seychelles in the cabin next to the driver who took me to Camping Les Clairettes, if you will remember from episode (2). On the other hand, I was in Monmartre! 

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Changing Hemispheres (7)

Part One: moving over and in

From Melbourne to Paris, via London

Anyone who has ever sold a house after twenty years or so will know most of the story of my trials. Suffice to say, very little goes smoothly, everyone accuses everyone else of being unhelpful...


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Changing Hemispheres (6)

Part six: meeting France

Agde, floods, signing up and shipping out

Sneakiness and good timing meant that I could in fact escape the hotel for a meal occasionally, without being called back to eat with the family. I assume their kindly concern was for that ubiquitous object of puzzlement, The Woman Alone. I experienced that phenomenon again at the little restaurant around the corner

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Changing Hemispheres (5)

Part five: Meeting France

Ancient Agde, doors, doors and doors... 

Where was I?

I had decided that, while the final decisions were being made about which house to buy, I should take myself to some seaside town of picturesque dimensions. Especially given it was still summer. Have some kind of holiday, you know.

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Changing Hemispheres (4)

Meeting France

First Trip: part four

....Nimes and the Pope's new castle.

And so the hour-long trip to Montpellier by bus. In my last report I didn’t mention the slight confusion when I booked my seat. ...

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Changing Hemispheres

Part One ... Beginnings: reflections on a fantasy


Years ago, I began to think a smaller house without mortgage could be the thing to do. Would be interesting. Would be a change, a relief, an adventure. My boys were old enough to move out; in fact, one of them often did. 

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